19 Sep
  1. Avoid making any credit applications within 6 months of applying for a mortgage, including doing too many searches online for car and home insurance
  2. Make sure you check you haven't defaulted on any payments or made any late payments within the last few months 
  3. Get on the Voters Roll for your address if you are not on it already - this helps confirm your identify and proof of address (otherwise with some lenders you may find yourself sending proof for every year, of the last 3 years)
  4. Stay within your credit limits and keep balances to less than 50% of your limit if you can
  5. Never miss a Credit Agreement and also ensure Parking Fines are also paid and don't end up as a Country Court Judgement on your Credit Profile

Levana Finance advises all it's clients to produce a Credit Report Prior to meeting. A free report can be made at

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